To Schlep up a Ziggarut!

Thank you for playing in my sandbox. The purpose of this endeavor is for me to learn the combat system, as well as the finer points of GM’ing. Build will be 200 character points, which is very high-powered.

Create a character!

STEP 1: Go to the Characters page and create a character. Your starting stats are as follows:

Strength = 10
Dexterity = 10
Intelligence = 10
Health = 10

You can increase ST or HT for 10 character points per level, and DX or IQ for 20 points per level. (This is a change from 3rd ed.!)

STEP 2: If you wish, you may use a racial template and a career template. You can use more than one career template if your budget will stretch. Don’t take more than one racial template unless you plan to use Alternate Form (15 pts).

STEP 3: Equip your character at or below your chosen Tech Level. Options are TL3, TL4, TL6 and TL9. Higher levels cost more.

Starting cash depends upon tech level:

TL3 = $1000
TL4 = $2000
TL6 = $10 000
TL9 = $30 000

You can double starting cash for 10 points, five times costs 20 points, twenty times costs 30 points.

If you need help, or want items that I haven’t posted yet, post on the comments section.

How do we play?

Twice a week I’ll post a turn on the Adventure Log. You respond with actions by posting comments. Battles shouldn’t take more than a few rounds per room; GURPS is a pretty lethal system!

You may treat the GM like a Zork parser, so “look [object]” or “use [object]” are kosher moves.

The players’ goal is to ascend as far up the Tower as they can. You will solve puzzles, collect items, earn points and slay monsters. Nothing more sophisticated than that.

Time commitment

I will try to post a new turn every Friday morning and every Sunday evening, EST. This means you can keep up if you check the Adventure Log once during the week and once during the weekend.

Please post at least once per turn, even if to say “take no action.” You may post more than once, of course, if you wish to role-play a conversation with other PCs or NPCs. Use the Comments thread to talk Out of Character (OOC).

Exception: during close combat a GURPS turn represents one second of action. During melees I will try to churn out one turn per 24 hours. If you wish to change your actions during combat, e.g. switch from fighting Monster A to Monster B, or stop fighting and run away, you should check the Adventure Log at least once every 24 hours to see how your character is faring. Keep tabs on each other, as you can support other PCs in combat!

I anticipate working to a climax around Christmas and wrapping up by New Year’s Day. If there is interest the game could certainly continue, but I envisioned a short campaign here. Let’s go have fun!

To Schlep up a Ziggurat

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