To Schlep up a Ziggurat

Episode 2

To the Tower

The Stutz motors out of the Garage and onto East 43rd Street. The City is decorated for Christmas, and there’s snow on the ground. From there you catch Lexington Avenue, turn right onto 42nd Street, and left on 5th at the New York Public Library.


With a start you notice the two stone lions standing guard. These do not rise to greet you, however.

The Empire State Building is visible as soon as you turn onto 5th Avenue. Nighttime in Midtown means street parking is readily available. You now must decide your approach.

  1. You can try the lobby. The doorman and desk clerk are unlikely to be armed (at least, this would be true in the New York you remember). You look unusual enough to make bluffing your way in a challenge.
  2. You could try a service entrance, but this would be immediately suspicious.
  3. You could try something entirely unconventional, like rappelling up the exterior. You’ll have to supply the details for how you wish to accomplish this, however.


Please decide upon a plan of action by Friday, December 7th.


Sitting in the car, trying hard not to damage the upholstery with his spikes. The car wasn’t anything new, but that elevator was scary

“Urhm, Siltboy?” Pokey nudged McGurk with his dome, not very happy that it did not know the world around it, even had they gotten there through natural means.

“If we’re going for the top of the building, why not just walk up to the top? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with a construct like this?” Pokey clicked his teeth together, not altogether pleased by the looks of the snow. Pokey didn’t like the cold, and it seemed that there was plenty of it around this potentially hazardous building.

Pokey breathed on the window and began drawing in the fog with his antennae while the others actually decided what they would do. Pokey didn’t know much of this place, and left it to the more familiar to decide the best course of action.

Episode 2

Don’t forget that your loot included some interesting potions.

Episode 2

“Tyrannosaurus Runt has a pretty good point, Sidewayz.” McGurk nudged the alien with his elbow. “We have an invisibility potion, right? We could sprinkle that over the bunch of us, walk in, and make for the stairwell. It’ll be a climb, sure, but I guarantee they won’t be watching the stairs as closely as they will be watching the elevators.”

Episode 2

The small yellow alien picked itself off of the seat in which McGurk had knocked him with his nudge, and collected his thoughts.

“So, we’re not taking another Cable-Fall, are we? That wasn’t good for either of us,” Pokey gurgled staring into the one eye of Lhe Goog, his little purple familiar.

Episode 2

Pokey stopped paying attention to the leathery seat-cushions, and began ripping them up in his haste to be seen, or payed attention to.

“So where’s this potion-stuff?”

Episode 2

[If you and LF still want to play, we can keep going.]

As the party watches the Empire State Building from the parked car, a Packard pulls up to the curb. A tall gentleman in a tweed jacket is riding the baseboard! He leaps onto the street, turns around to look right at you, then wheels about and enters the building as the doorman nods a salute.

There’s no question: that was your target, “Doc” Savage.

Four men also exit the sedan and follow him into the building. They are burly, well-dressed, and carry themselves as though armed.

Episode 2

Pokey stared at them intently.

Doc-Savage didn’t seem very dangerous, and was rather small for what he was expecting. He fit into the building, which surprised the little alien to no end. He was expecting a 12-story Goliath, and was invigorated when it turned out to be only a large civilized animal, not a Toho-stomping monster.

Episode 2

The End.

Thank you all for playing. I hope you enjoyed it. You will all be invited to play if and when I ever do this again.

Episode 2


Thanks for including me. This was pretty cool!

Episode 2
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