1920's Iron Golem Mobster


Metal Mobster, 200 pts.

ST 17 70
DX 10
IQ 10
HT 10

HP 17 (currently 10)
Will 10
PER 10
FP 10

BS 5
BM 5
Dodge 8


Ambidextrous 5
Patron 15
Doesn’t Breathe 20
DR 9 45
Immunity to metabolic hazards 30
Injury tolerance (homogenous, no blood) 45
Pressure support 3 15
Sealed 15
Vacuum support 5
Impaling claw (retractable!) 11


Oddly this template doesn’t include the Can’t Wear Armor limitation, so you can be a metal man wearing metal armor, and the damage resistance will stack.


Duty (to patron) [-15]
Callous [-5]
Status (criminal) [-5]
Killjoy [-15]
Fragile: Unnatural [-50]
Vulnerability: electricity (damage x2, common) [-30]
Left arm is a weapons mount [-8]
No sense of taste or smell Intolerance: anti-Semites [-5]



Language: Italian (accented, spoken only) 2
Brawling 12 DX+4 (damage bonus+1 per die)
Carousing 1 HT
Driving (automobile) DX+1 4
Forced Entry DX+2 4
Gambling IQ 2
Games (choose) IQ+1 2
Guns (Automatic Rifle) DX+3 8
Guns (Submachine gun) DX+2 1
Guns (pistol) DX+2 1 (skills discounted in bulk)
Holdout IQ 2
Intimidation Will+1 4
Savois Faire IQ+2 4
Search PER 2
Smuggle IQ 2
Stealth DX+1 4
Streetwise IQ 2


Left arm is a mount for a Browning Automatic Rifle. Right arm has retractable spike for punching.

Punch damage (with claw extended): 1d6+3 imp.
Rifle: 7d6+1 pi (per bullet!)


1933 Stutz, black.
1 deck playing cards.
20 ammunition clips.
Walther PPK pistol
20 rounds silver bullets.

Image credit: Jepray at Deviantart.


Sydewayz is a Iron Golem Mobster. Created post WWI by a Jewish Sorcerer, Sydewayz was created to fight the growing anti-semitism. However, soon after creation he was stolen by the Italian mob and sent to America as an enforcer.


To Schlep up a Ziggurat Neko_Bijin Sydewayz