Potions and Amulets

Useful Drinks and Wards


Strength Potion, $250
Adds 1d6 to ST for 1 hour. No increase in HP.

Invisibility Potion, $3000
Invisible for 1d6x10 min.

Fire Resistance Potion, $500
Resists fire for 1d6 hours.

Healing Potion, $120
Heals 1d6 of injury (HP) or fatigue (FP) if HP are full.

Regeneration Ointment, $5000
Rub onto the site of a lost limb, eye, ear, etc.

Resurrection Potion, $25 000
Subject can only be dead an hour. Heals 2d6 HP. Returns to life with 0 FP.

Universal Antidote Potion, $750
Grants +8 to HT for resistance roll, but does not restore HP already lost to poison.

Source: Magic.


Potions and Amulets

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