Light Shield DB1 $25 2 lbs DR5
Small Shield DB1 $40 8 lbs DR6
Medium Shield DB2 $60 15 lbs DR7
Large Shield DB3 $90 25 lbs DR9

At TL3, iron shields are available: x5 cost, x2 weight, add 3 DR.
At TL7 and above, plastic riot shields have x1/2 weight but otherwise identical.
A slot for firing a weapon will not affect stats, though it would count as a “chink” for through-armor attacks.

USE: Shields add DB to your active defense roll while in use, whether block, parry or dodge. In close combat (less than 1 yrd.), a shield subtracts DB from your attack roll! Dropping a shield is a ready action. Please specify Target or Buckler, and the size of your shield. Shape is irrelevant.

You may hold but not wield a 2-hand weapon while using a shield.



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