Lhe Goog

The Corpse Devouring Familiar Of Pokey The Alien


+Small light purple blob-like creature
+Pulls itself along with its two blobby arms
+Slow, but often hitches a ride somewhere on Pokey (Mostly atop his head, like a hat)
+Eats Dead things by pulling them into itself, and dissolving them
+Immunity to crushing (it just splatters, and then goes back together)
+One eye
+Can carry heavy objects, but only by dragging
+Cannot Lift or throw things


Lhe Goog is a small purple Blob critter.

Sure, tagging along with a bloodthirsty alien hasn’t been paramount for it’s social life, but the benefits are readily apparent. All the corpses it’s goopey body could ever need, transport on Pokeys head, and defense from all those scary things out there, like needles.

Lhe Goog loves it’s master, but is incapable, and is often ignored in it’s quest for affection. Pokey has always had bigger fish to fry.

Lhe Goog

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